Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

For many years, Martin-Baker has primarily focussed on manufacturing and only carried out maintenance if a customer requested this service.

However, more and more customers, both military and civil, are looking to reduce costs, typically in those areas that support aircraft operations. As a result of increased requests to carry out seat maintenance, Martin-Baker has reassessed its maintenance process and can now offer a dedicated Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) service that is comparable, if not quicker to the turn round time taken by the customer. Furthermore, contracting seat maintenance to Martin-Baker saves costs on personnel, training and facility management.

Our experience has shown that many customers do not know the actual cost of the maintenance activity. To simplify this process, we offer the customer a menu-style pricing format for their seat maintenance.

To establish this as a world-class service, we have also listened to our customer’s concerns that a critical skill set of theirs would be lost by handing over the maintenance of seats to Martin-Baker. The natural decision was that the only way to have long-term commitment from the customer was to work with them by communicating closely and fully understanding their needs. Therefore we now offer regular training to whatever level the customer requires to ensure their personnel maintain skill levels.

Martin-Baker now has an established dedicated MRO facility at the following locations:

  • Headquarters, Denham (UK)
  • Martin-Baker America, Johnstown, PA.
  • A Centre of Excellence facility in South America.
  • A recently launched Centre of Excellence facility in Malaysia.
  • Martin-Baker’s total focus is keeping your aircraft downtime to an absolute minimum.
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