Services - Product Support

Martin-Baker has a long history of commitment to in-service product support and continues to supply spares to more than 90 Air Forces world-wide for seats that have been in service for up to 40 years.

This support ranges from the traditional ‘spares supply’ approach, to full, integrated support packages for a range of international customers. Martin-Baker has a Design Support Department that provides reliability, maintainability, safety, logistics and all other support functions. This team, which includes technical representatives in the field, provides a combination of rapid response to customer needs and in-depth technical capability.

Martin-Baker's support approach begins with the design drawings. Each new design drawing is annotated to denote the component's suitability for provisioning as a spare, the decision being made against criteria such as maintenance skill requirements, life cycle costs and safety. The technical manuals, illustrates part breakdowns and spares supplied all flow from this identification to provide a consistent technical and logistical approach.

Martin-Baker actively pursues in-service support concepts which are tailored to best suit each customer's life cycle costs and availability requirements.

This proactive approach has led to increasing levels of contractor support for customers, from providing technical support to conducting Maintenance Repair and Overhaul services.

Martin-Baker has developed spares usage math models to predict the scheduled and unscheduled spares that will be required each year and is integrating spares manufacture with seat production to provide spares at the best price and availability. The commonality of many spares between escape systems also provides benefits in terms of scale and future support.

Field Service

Martin-Baker Field Service Engineers can be deployed to customer facilities during all phases of the design life for the escape system. From development, by performing trial installations, through to production, by assisting the customer with initial integration, Martin-Baker is committed to helping the customer at all stages of the design.


Martin-Baker provides services to retrofit and complete fleet installations with Martin-Baker products. The team is currently retrofitting the USAF T-38C aircraft with the US16T ejection seat and are scheduled to complete 458 aircraft installations by 2014.

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