Ejection Seat Training

The Martin-Baker Training School is based in Denham, UK, with a team of 4 Instructors who are responsible for training customer personnel in competently completing maintenance tasks. Training is provided for all levels of maintenance including:

  • 1st Line Maintenance (‘O’ Level)
  • 2nd Line Maintenance (‘I’ Level)
  • 3rd Line Maintenance (‘D’ Level)

Specialist training is also available in order to complete:

  • Parachute Packing
  • Seat Survival Kit Packing and Maintenance

In addition to training on Martin-Baker escape systems, training can also be provided for both the use of as well as the maintenance of Martin-Baker supplied support equipment. Examples of such support equipment include:

  • Time and Altitude Test Set
  • Centrifuges
  • Parachute Packing Press

Training can be provided in the Martin-Baker Training School at our Denham site or can be delivered at the customer’s facility upon request. Courses can be tailored to fulfil customer requirements, consider indigenous maintenance practices, maintenance policies and technical publications in order to ensure the most relevant, applicable and effective training solution is provided.

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